Parish Volunteers

Hand Servants Of The Lord

The maintenance of St. Constance church is a community effort. In the main vestibule there is a book with cleaning dates. Normally, the church is cleaned on Thursdays. It is hoped that every parish family would come and help at least once a year. Parishioners are asked to select a convenient date and sign their names in the book. The Sacristan is available to answer any questions.


Bulletin Staff

Mary, Undoer of Knots Parish has one of the most comprehensive bulletins in the entire archdiocese. It is staffed by people with basic typing and language skills and a willingness to offer their time. Volunteers are always needed to type, proofread, translate from English to Polish and vice-versa, and to do page layout. Interested persons are welcome to volunteer at the rectory.


Calendar Volunteers

The parish calendar covers all events and activities occurring throughout various locations on and off the parish premises. Preprinted scheduling forms must be used to schedule events on the calendar. Events are scheduled in order of receipt and importance. The calendar and request forms are located in the rectory office.