This Week Letter – August 1, 2021

“I am the bread of life” … The situation recounted in today’s Gospel is a lesson that Jesus gives to His disciples and to the surrounding crowds. Through His teachings and miracles, Jesus wants to remind us of our supernatural calling, He wants to pilot our search towards eternity and thus reaffirm that we are children of God, freed.. read more →

This Week Letter – July 25, 2021

This weekend, I wanted to introduce myself to all of you in the parish.   I am Father Brendan Guilfoil and I am happy to be one of your new associate pastors. Certainly, we are in a time of transition. Places are reopening from the Covid-19 pandemic. Our parish is officially a new one, encompassing.. read more →

This Week Letter – July 18, 2021

“Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.”   The words above, spoken by Jesus to the apostles, can be perceived as encouragement to take a vacation and to pause from your everyday work for a while. Although everyone needs rest, this would not be enough for our Lord. He invites.. read more →

This Week Letter – July 11, 2021

We are chosen and called!     The Word that the Holy Church addresses to us on this 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time emphasizes the important truth about the universal call to holiness and chastity, and to share this truth with other people. Saint Paul teaches us this in his letter: “In him he chose.. read more →

This Week Letter – June 6, 2021

Brothers and Sisters   This has been a good school of love!  At times I was the teacher, but more often I was the student. My thanks to all!   Your Priest, Fr. Paul    read more →

This Week Letter – May 30, 2021

Brothers and Sisters   That we all might be one…   Try to imagine what a beautiful relationship of love exists in the Holy Trinity. This is how it ought to be among us. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free person, there is not male and female, for you.. read more →

This Week Letter – May 23, 2021

Brothers and Sisters   The moment of the Coming of the Holy Spirit is the moment of the birth of our Holy Mother, the Church. Our Church is still alive and the Acts of the Apostles continue to this day.  God wants to write some new chapters in which every one of us –and that.. read more →

This Week Letter – May 16, 2021

Brothers and Sisters My sister found out that she has cancer. The day before her operation, I had an opportunity to speak with my sister.  I was surprised when, clutching her rosary, she said very resolutely that she was grateful to God for everything. I told her to continue her “celebration of gratitude” up until.. read more →

This Week Letter – May 9, 2021

Brothers and Sisters   Love, love, love . . .   I think that the most used word in the English language is the word “love”.  In addition, I think this word is by far the most abused.   True love is not only the warm feeling you experience in the presence of another.  True.. read more →

This Week Letter – May 2, 2021

Brothers and Sisters,   Wow!  I just realized that God needs me!   A vine cannot bear fruit without branches.  The stalk only holds the branches, but it is the branches that bear the fruit.  In other words, God counts on you to cooperate with him in order to bear good fruit.  Otherwise, the great.. read more →