02 Apr 2021

This Week Letter – April 4, 2021

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Brothers and Sisters,


Jesus was not only resurrected.

He wants to meet Us.

He wants to meet His disciples.

“Go to Galilee, you will see Me there.”

He wants to meet us.


It is not important now that so many times you have denied Jesus at work, at home, in the city!

Today it’s no longer important. Only Jesus,

who wants to meet you even if you do not believe

that He has risen.

Thank God we have this Easter morning.

For behold, today Jesus wants to meet me,

and you, and all of us.

The Lord told us to go to Galilee.

Galilee is the Church. There you have come to know the world of faith. You have raised your

heart to love, your hands to work, your reason

to think. The Lord is waiting for you there.

So, let’s enter the Church – this is our Galilee!

The Lord awaits in the white Host of the Eucharist.

The Lord awaits in the Holy Book of the Gospel.

The Lord is waiting in the person sitting next

to you.

The Lord is waiting in friendly conversations.

The Lord is waiting in anxious conversations.

The Lord waits when you give a hand to the poor.

He is waiting. HE. Our Lord.


Happy Easter.

Fr. Paul Barwikowski