17 Aug 2019

This Week Letter – August 18, 2019

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From the Pastor’s Desk

Today’s readings affirm that a person’s life flows under the sign of the cross and is marked with the knowledge of sacrifice and suffering.

We find in the first reading an example in Jeremiah, a true prophet, who always foretold only what God made known to him and not what the ruling faction wanted to hear.  For this reason, among others, he was thrown into a cistern, a certain death inflicted by his enemies.  But the Providence of God saved Jeremiah, for God stood by his servant.

In the second reading, we see the Son of God Who did not escape suffering Himself but gave up His life for us even though we were still sinners.  Jesus was aware that He would be a source of division among His followers and those who remained indifferent to Him or opposed Him.  Such division can occur even in our own families, for here there is no room for tolerance since we are responsible not only for our own faith but also for the faith of our families, neighbors and friends.  The evangelical fire that Jesus brought to earth is the fire of love.  And this is the one and only key to unity and peace.

In this spirit, I again invite you, along with your family and friends, to join us next Sunday at our Parish Picnic.

See you this coming Sunday then, at our picnic and in church!


Fr. Rich Milek