03 Aug 2019

This Week Letter – August 4, 2019

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From the Pastor’s Desk


There once lived the wealthiest of men in a beautiful villa in Scotland.  This lonely man was an unbeliever.  At the entrance to the wealthy man’s property, his very humble and religious servant, John, led an impoverished life with his family.  John prayed to God daily for his own family and for the wealthy man.   One day, John came to his employer and said:  “Last night God told me in a dream that the wealthiest person in this area will die at midnight.  I thought to myself that you ought to know about this.”  The terrified rich man immediately called his doctor to come and give him a complete physical and to remain with him until midnight.  At midnight, giving up on the authenticity of John’s dream, the wealthy man sent his doctor home.  Sometime later, the rich man opened his door to John ‘s tearful daughter, who said: “Mother sent me to tell you that today, at midnight, your servant John passed away.”  The rich man froze as he realized who the wealthiest man in the area was.


Are we wealthy in the eyes of God?   Remember that…

With money you can buy a bed but not sleep

With money you can buy food but not an appetite

With money you can buy a building but not a home

With money you can buy medicine but not health

With money you can buy companions but not friends

With money you can buy almost anything but not heaven.


Once again, I extend my invitation to you, your family and your friends to join me at our Parish Picnic on Sunday, August 25, on our Parish Grounds.   Further fun details can be found in our Parish Bulletin.


Fr. Richard Milek