19 Dec 2020

This Week Letter – December 20, 2020

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My Brothers and Sisters!


There are just a few days left before THE Birthday!  I have decided that this year  I will not brighten this space with holiday greetings; after all, it’s not your birthday.  However, I do want you to be happy because it is His Birthday, and so I am offering a few words of advice.


If you haven’t had the desire to converse with your wife lately, talk to her now – it’s Christmas.

If you’re constantly complaining about your husband’s disposition, take a holiday break.

If you’re not too fond of your neighbor, extend holiday greetings and exchange a few kind words.


And don’t forget this:  smile at home, at work, while washing the windows, doing the shopping and . . .

Even when those last solicitous moments before the holiday are most annoying, while you are  trying to do everything and can’t find time for anything, and even when it all seems beyond your strength, you can find no better preparation for the celebration of Christmas than a common exchange of smiles.


In our parish, let there be no Christmas dinner where tears are being shed due to another living person.  Let there be no loneliness at the Christmas meal, no rejection at the Christmas meal, no misunderstandings at the Christmas meal, no quarrels at the Christmas meal.  In order to break the Christmas wafer, no one ought break your heart!


Let’s not embarrass ourselves!  God freely gives us His Son, a priceless treasure, and we fight over nothing.


A Blessed Christmas to all!


Your Priest,

Fr. Paul