23 Dec 2017

This Week Letter – December 24, 2017

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Dear Parishioners and Friends.

In the third year of her life, Mary was offered to God in the Temple, according to Jewish tradition; later on, she was engaged to Joseph – a descendant of King David. She had a deep relationship with God, and through Joseph also became associated with the royal family. Her life seemed to be successful, in a human way. It was to be a life like many other couples, calm, consistent and godly. Her husband, a carpenter, who had at that time a good and well-paid profession, was also happily planning for their future years together. But God’s plans for Her were different, She was to become the Mother of God, the One who would crush the head of the serpent. She would not be indifferent to the life of her Son, and consequently all of us, her children.
She received something, that only she could receive, in the entire world. At the same time, she was “overshadowed” by special care and protection. The Holy Spirit told Her what she could not simply create in her mind on her own; She received protection from the One Who Is, and she knew that Her life would be subordinated only to one task, the birth of the Holy One – called the Son of God (Luke 1: 26-38). She did not expect it, she did not even dream about it. Joseph, without being informed, did not conceal his confusion, he even wanted to quietly divorce her, suspecting her of adultery. Such laws existed in the time of Israel; after all, he could have Her killed – stoned to death. And yet he did not do it, he became the stepfather of baby Jesus. In his own way, he risked and became a hero. Rarely do we write about Joseph, thanks to whom Jesus could grow, live, and integrate with His surroundings and human peers.
God’s plan was the foundation, of key decision caused by love for humanity. He chose Mary and allowed Incarnation of His Son, to give us Salvation and the Savior, Who would be among people to teach them, and that He would die and then be resurrected. She was shielded with the power of the Most High, Who informed Joseph, and made us aware of how much we must trust God to experience His Love, His Holiness, His Presence. Let us consider, then, whether we are trying to trust God completely to experience this protection, presence and – most importantly – His Love.

Tomorrow is Christmas, and actually with some of you we will meet again tonight to celebrate Midnight Mass and to sing Christmas carols. I cordially invite you at 4:30pm for Family Mass in English with children who do not want to wait until midnight. The Christmas Vigil Mass in Polish will be celebrated at 10:00pm, and the Mass in English at 12:00am. Tomorrow on Christmas Day, Masses are scheduled like every Sunday, with the exception that there will be no Holy Mass at 7:00pm.    Let the Baby Jesus, through the intercession of His Mother, bless you all. God bless!