15 Feb 2020

This Week Letter – February 16, 2020

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My Brothers and Sisters


After reading a fragment of today’s Gospel, one can be taken aback by the words spoken by Jesus.  I would like to say to the Evangelist that Jesus certainly did not say this.  But  we do not have this right.  It appears that even today right has not lost its meaning, for everything announced by the prophets has not yet happened.  Many fragments of the Old Testament had not yet come to be at the first coming of  Jesus.  To fulfill all the prophecies, Jesus, as King of his people, continues  coming to earth.  Christ shows us that there is much to learn from the Old Testament, particularly from the prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel; so that what has not yet been fulfilled will be completed.  The right is often demanding, and it is not easy for anyone to remain faithful to it.  However, if we precede the observance  of individual law with the law of love, then even what is difficult makes sense.

So out of love, the desire to help the Church should grow in us.  The donations which we will offer in our Annual Catholic Appeal become a concrete example of this love.  Each of us should care that this ”Message of Love” reaches everywhere it is missing.  If you need to ask the questtion of why we should help the Church, the answer is obvious…because ”We are the Church.”

Thank you for your love.