19 Feb 2021

This Week Letter – February 21, 2021

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My Brothers and Sisters, I am thinking about going to the desert…


Going to the desert these days is becoming harder for people to do. It seems to us that once we are out of reach of our phones, we become to feel totally lost. During our parish retreats every year in the time of Lent, it becomes hard for us to remain silent not only in what we do or say but also in our thoughts and feelings.

The Christ does not call us to literally go to a desert during Lent, but the Church encourages us to slow down in our daily lives, so we are able to give up some of our habits and practices like  taking a break from entertainment, TV, computers, radios, newspapers, and other things. Even though these things are not bad in themselves, they create a distraction that prevents us from being able to see God in our lives.

The first temptation which we come across during Lent is not wanting to follow Christ into the desert. Lent is the season in which we should calm our hearts in order to build a deeper relationship with God. Our Lent can be fruitful, if only we want to do more than refusing a chocolate bar or a bag of chips.

Let’s do everything we can to be able to hear Christ’s voice saying: “Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while!” (Mk 6:31). Christ asks us of this Himself. What will be your answer?


Your Priest,

Fr. Paul Barwikowski