05 Feb 2021

This Week Letter – February 7, 2021

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Brothers and Sisters


Most of you reading this letter have been to church today. I imagine our Lord questioning why we had come here.  Had we come eager to know what He wanted to give us or for what we wanted Him to give us?  Were we trying to reconcile our priorities with His, or His with ours?

Still it often happens that many people, just like in today’s gospel, approach the Lord mainly as a miracle worker, as a benefactor who can pull strings to get us out of trouble or as a good friend able to quickly fix a problem. I imagine Jesus wants to be someone more than just an “errand boy”.

The reason He left heaven for earth was to preach about the kingdom, as He says in today’s Gospel, and to announce it in such a way as to be heard and not ignored, in order that we might live by that Word.  The Word has power!


Your Priest,

Fr. Paul