17 Jan 2021

This Week Letter – January 17, 2021

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Brothers and Sisters,

Tell others whom you have found . . . just tell them.


“We have found the Messiah!” declared Andrew as though he had just won the lottery and couldn’t hold back sharing the news with the brother he loved.  But Andrew did something more:  He brought his brother Simon to meet Jesus in order that Simon might share his joy.  Andrew did not know what the Lord would do with his brother.  He did not know that Jesus would change his brother’s name to “Cephas” (Peter) which means “rock”, nor that He would later declare: “You are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (Matt.16:18)  All Andrew did was to announce the good news to his brother and lead him to Jesus, and Jesus did the rest.  When we speak to others of Jesus, we know very little about what will happen.  Actually, that is something we do not need to know, since often it’s just us being curious.  It is better to simply share Christ with others and allow Him to perform in them the same miracles He has performed in us.


Your Priest,

Fr. Paul