26 Jan 2019

This Week Letter – January 27, 2019

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From the Pastor’s Desk
Today’s liturgical readings specifically highlight the celebration of the Word of God. Christ is always present in Scripture, although in diverse ways. The Old Testament announces and prepares us for His coming, while the New Testament confirms and proclaims His mission. Who listens to the Word of God in a spirit of faith always encounters Jesus of Nazareth; and each meeting marks a new stage of salvation.
Today is the beginning of Catholic Schools Week. Thank you to all who support St. Constance School and, in particiular, the parents who send their children here even though it demands great dedication and sacrifice on their part. I am pleased that ever more parents are registering their children to our school. Many parents, seeing numerous current dangers, are transferring their older children to St. Constamce from the public schools to guarantee for them the best of Catholic education and care . I urge all of you to consider sending your children to St. Constance School in the coming year. The best way to better know our school is to attend today’s ”Open House” and so I cordially invite you all to come!
God bless,
Fr. Richard Milek