29 Jan 2017

This Week Letter – January 29, 2017

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Dear Parishioners and Friends,

The beatitudes are an abridged version of the tasks that Jesus put before us: discover in your misfortune the deepest joy through Me! The sad can find authentic consolation, if instead of running away from distress, they embrace it and bless God for what they have received from life. It’s not things that are pleasant or unpleasant, but we create them this way; blessing or cursing God for them. The “good thief” from the cross, hanging next to Jesus, did surely suffer, but when he turned to Jesus, on the same day, he tasted the joys of paradise. The second thief did not make an effort to return to Christ, and he remained in his cursing.
I invite you all to participate in the annual Catholic Appeal, 2017. Many of our parishioners have received or soon will receive a mailing from Cardinal Blaise J. Cupich with a request of a donation for the Catholic Campaign, 2017. Please give generously, according to your abilities.
The annual Catholic Appeal supports parish pastoral programs in the same way and on the Archdiocesan level.
This year, the theme is: “love your neighbor as yourself”. We are the living temples of God and bring His true presence in this world. He calls on us to share our gifts with others.
When we meditate on the gifts that God has given to us, we should also reflect on our gratitude for everything we received. The gifts that we offer for our parish, the Archdiocese and the Church throughout the world are some of the possibilities of expressions of our gratitude.
By reviewing the materials that you will receive from Cardinal Cupich, please notice ministries and services in our parish that are directly supported by the annual Catholic Appeal. Then please give generously if possible. After reaching our parish goal of $37, 258.00 in paid pledges, 100% of the accumulated excess of this amount, will be returned to us for use in our parish.
Catholic Schools Week starts today, which this year runs from 29 January to 4 February. It has been celebrated since 1974 and is intended to remind all that the Catholic schools teach us faith, knowledge and service to others. The theme of this year’s celebrations in the United States is : “Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service”.
We are proud of our Parish School of Saint Constance. Catholic Schools Week is not only an occasion for celebration, but also for visiting the school building and for meeting with our Principal, Eva Panczyk and teachers. If you are looking for a good preschool or a good school for your children, see the curriculum that St Constance School offers.
God Bless You!