29 Jan 2021

This Week Letter – January 31, 2021

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Brothers and Sisters,


If you love God too little, don’t be afraid to admit it. Make a good examination of conscience and start anew . . .


Why is it that so few Catholics approach God, hungering for His Word?  Why do so many react to the Word of God as though it were uninteresting, boring and impractical?  Why is it that when we say “Thanks be to God” or “Praised be Jesus Christ” so few are enthusiastic while the majority seem ready to yawn?


Today’s responsorial psalm helps us to understand what is occurring.  But first, let me ask whether you remember the refrain which was sung with the organist four times today?  Take a little time to think of this and for what we were praying?  Can you recall?  I ask you these questions because if you do not remember, it probably is due not to bad memory but to God’s Word making no impression upon you.


We prayed in the words of Psalm 95: “If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts.”  Note that we did not pray “harden not your minds” or “your ears”.


Our lack of wonder at His Words is not the consequence of a hard head, but rather of a rock-hard heart.  It is not a question of insufficient intelligence but of insufficient love.


Those who love God are amazed at Him, at what He says and at what He does.  And this must be our starting point.



Your Priest,

Fr. Paul