05 Jan 2019

This Week Letter – January 6, 2019

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From the Pastor’s Desk      

Today we celebrate the Epiphany of the Lord, traditionally called the Feast of the Three Kings.  This feast reminds us of the missionary call of the Church whose task it is to do everything possible so that the joyful news of the Savior’s Birth reaches to every corner of the earth.  The Three Kings of the East are a call and reminder of our obligation to include God in our lives and to bring God to others.  We should be for each other that “Scriptural Star” which showed the Magi their path to Christ.  For us, the attitude of the Three Kings is a lesson of faith and humility.

            Let us recall, today, the tradition of marking the doors of our homes with the names of the Three Magi from the East, indicating that God lives in our homes and within our families.  The origin of this tradition can be found in the Gospel itself which tells us that the Three Kings beheld Christ upon “entering the house”.  The doors of your homes become a holy entrance.  Blessed will be those who enter your home if you have written above your door in chalk:   20+C+M+B+19.

                                                                             Ks. Ryszard Miłek