23 Jun 2018

This Week Letter – June 24, 2018

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Dear Parishioners and Friends,

“How quickly life passes away, like a flood time swiftly flows by, in just a year, a day, a moment, no longer will we be together.”  The words of this poignant Polish song reflect the truth we are living today at St. Constance Parish.  My coming to this parish in 2003 to assume the position of Pastor seems as if it happened only a year ago.  And that’s how quickly 15 years have passed, those years of my pastoral ministry and your exceptional collaboration  which will remain in my memory for the rest of my life.  St. Constance Parish is my first love; it was here that I was assigned immediately after my Ordination in 1988.  I loved your wonderful  faith and the kindness and friendliness with which you surrounded me during my 7-year ministry as Associate Pastor.  And that is why I returned with much joy to assume the position of Pastor.

With all my heart, I thank the Priests, Deacons, Missionary Sisters, Lay Staff, Parish Organizations, along with all parishioners without exception, for your many years of outstanding cooperative efforts.

On earth, however, nothing lasts forever.  I believe that our Good God, in His Mercy, now has other plans for me, which I humbly accept.  But I cannot hide from you that this parting is not easy for me; I perceive it like a parting from my closest family members, whom I love above all else and for whom I wish only and all the best.  In retrospect, I realize I am only a man, and I have not satisfied each of you as you would wish.   I apologize to you for all my defects, errors, weaknesses and shortcomings.  I never did anything in bad faith; I always acted with the conviction that a greater good would emerge.  So I humbly ask that you remember only the beautiful and joyous times we shared together.

I am satisfied that I leave you well situated both spiritually and materially.  Practically every building has been totally renovated both on the interior and the exterior.  In the parish accounts, I leave you with $1,514,501.00, not counting the school account.  God reward you for your generosity and good will.  I think that my successor, Rev. Richard Milek, who is a good manager, will continue the pastoral work here at St. Constance with greater fervor and energy.  Receive him with love, just as you accepted me 15 years ago.

To Sister Zofia Turczyn who is transferring to St. Ferdinand Parish; to Sister Kinga Hoffmann who is transferring to St. Hyacinth Basilica; to our teachers Carol Craig, Katrina Odrobina and Jeff Lind, all of whom are moving on to other places, I wish each of you God’s loving care on your new path of life.

After taking care of my personal affairs, I plan to go to Poland to visit with my Mother and my family as well as to take some medical treatments.  I am counting on these treatments to help enormously with certain health issues that I am experiencing.   The Archdiocese does not need ailing priests, and I would like to continue serving the Archdiocese in good health  for as long as I can.  I promise to remember you in my prayers and ask that you remember me in yours.  Until such time as I get my new assignment, thanks to the kindness of your new pastor Father Richard and of the Missionary Sisters, I am leaving my personal belongings at the Convent.  For all the good that you, my dear Parishioners and Friends have done, may God reward you with health, happiness, prosperity and every blessing.

“Today is the last Sunday; today we part; today we separate for time eternal. This is our last Sunday, so make it your last gift to me; look at me tenderly today one last time.  This is the last Sunday, my dreams are dreamed, the happiness I so desired is ended.”  I love you all and I gather you all in my heart forever.  God bless!