11 May 2014

This Week Letter – May 11, 2014

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My Dear Parishioners and Friends, The Fourth Sunday of Easter is called Good Shepherd Sunday. Today, we read the Gospel according to St. John in which Jesus says: “I am the Good Shepherd and know My sheep, and mine know Me…My sheep hear My voice…they follow Me and I will give them eternal life. They shall never perish and no one can snatch them from My hand…I am the gate for the sheep…if someone enters through Me, he will be saved.” (J.10:1-10) Today, we ask ourselves how our own personal relationship is with our Good Shepherd. Do we often hastily distance ourselves from Him, do we not listen to His voice, do we disregard His love and His calling? Do we absentmindedly follow our self-chosen path? Have we been led astray so far that we cannot find our way back? Were we perhaps stuck in the thorns of drug addiction, alcoholism, pornography, gambling or tobacco addiction? The devil uses various devious means available to him by which to seduce man. Perhaps we are living in sin, e.g., pride, greed, envy, anger, sloth or not forgiving our neighbors. We should not delay our decision to lead a better life tomorrow, because tomorrow may be too late. This is one of the most important life decisions that will affect not only our lives, but our salvation. We must abandon sin, avail ourselves of the wonderful sacrament of Confession and cleanse our lives from what is most ineffectual and degrading. It is our sins that separate us from the Good Shepherd, He Who wants to enter into our lives, Who wants to heal our wounds and our suffering, Who desires our complete happiness, not only here on earth but for all eternity. Therefore, invite Jesus into your life, home, family, workplace, school, places where you now dwell, places where He was once not welcome and expelled. He stands at your front door and knocks; if you can hear His voice, then open the door. Scripture says that He will enter your being, and will sit at your table where you will share a meal together. You will feel His love, His power, His joy, His goodness. Jesus gave His life for you, rose from the dead and lives on forever. He is truly a spiritual being; He is the living truth which awaits every human being. Invite Jesus in as often as you can. Converse with Him as you would with your best and most understanding friend. I myself have on occasion experienced His help. He is capable of solving the most complex situations. Simply trust Him. Through Sister Faustyna, Jesus taught us how to realize these truths. The words “Jesus, I trust in you” tell us that by asking Jesus for grace which you cannot doubt, you need to have confidence that Jesus has the power to help. You must go further if you want to be a beneficiary of His grace, and you must singularly and selflessly bestow grace on others. On June 1st, The Polonia Club, which played a prominent role in the founding of St. Constance Parish, will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding. On this occasion a Solemn Mass will be celebrated at 1:30 pm by His Excellency Bishop Andrzej Wypych. A Jubilee Banquet will follow at 4:00 pm at the Lone Tree Manor Banquet Hall. You are all invited to both the Mass and the banquet. Please reserve your tables soon so that together we can pay tribute to the senior-most active organization in our Parish. This Solemn Mass and banquet initiates our Parish’s preparations for the centenary celebration of St. Constance Parish in 2016. We wish a most happy Mother’s Day to all our dear mothers, those who bore us, raised us, cared for us and continue to do so, who envelope us with love and prayer. We pray that our Benevolent God will generously bless all our mothers through the intercession of the most Holy Mother, the Mother of Jesus and our Mother as well, the Blessed Mother who knows the heart of every mother and her concerns for her children. May God endow them with good health, prosperity and above all the love and respect of their children. May God reward all mothers who have passed into eternal life, for their sacrifices in raising their children, for their goodness, dedication and love. May they enjoy their eternal reward in Heaven. May God Bless You!