20 May 2017

This Week Letter – May 21, 2017

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Dear Parishioners and Friends,
Our Lord’s love for His disciples is astonishing with the magnitude of His care for them. His words bring comfort and assurance of the fulfillment of their abandoned hearts by the Comforter, the Holy Spirit. Time of their loneliness will be short. Those who trust the Lord will never feel orphaned. They never get lonely. They do not suffer from depression. They are not scared for the lack of someone who would love them.
An orphan is someone abandoned, neglected, deprived of something or someone poor, experiencing shortcomings. Becoming an orphan is the most accurate description of the existential emptiness of modern man. Most people in Western civilization live in fear, distrust, loneliness, and the more they face their atheism – their abandonment of God – the more people get divorced and abandon their children. More and more orphanages are filled with children, because we removed God like an unwanted child. Instead of listening to the dogma of the Church, people listen to the dictates of fashion. Half a century ago, sex was taboo, now being Christian in public is taboo, and the role of the Inquisitor was taken over by the European Parliament. Is it really so different in the United States? I think that in many cases we are leading in modern liberal trends. Let us thank God, for those who remain faithful among us, despite ridicules and persecutions. After all, the victory belongs to Christ.
I would like to thank all of you who contributed to the solemn dedication of our beautiful statue of Our Lady of Fatima in front of our church, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal. In the first place, thank you, Zofia Czarny, the main coordinator of our parish Rosary Circles. I also thank all members, parishioners and generous sponsors. Thank you to the ladies who sell pastries and donuts for giving a large donation for the statue of Our Lady: Zofia Zegar, Krystyna Majka, Maria Reczek, Janin Piotrowska. Thank you to all who bought the book “The Mysteries of Fatima.” Thank you to the sculptor Mr. Leonard Szczur, Mrs. Anna Jeleń and Mrs. Agata Lorenowicz for their commitments during the creation of the statue. Thank you to Jozef Lach for making the foundation, Mr. Adam Królikowski for the granite base, Mr. Adam Kieta for the assembly of the figure, and Mr. Zdzislaw Tracz and Józef Czarny for lighting. Thank you, Father James Heyd, for the donation of 5000 rosaries that were blessed and distributed to all. I tank Kazimierz and Zofia, the owners of the “Olimpia Bakery”, Halina and Stanisław Urbaniak, the owners of “Montrose Deli” and Mrs. Zofia Kołatek, the owner of “Kolatek Bakery” for sponsoring the reception after the ceremony. I thank all parish organizations who participated in the procession. Thank you Sister Zofia Turczyn for decorations and Sister Kinga Hoffmann for the preparation of the program. Thank you to all the Priests, Deacons, Missionary Sisters of Christ the King, the Sisters of the Resurrection and the Dominican Sisters of Nigeria for their participation in the celebrations. Thank you, Your Excellency Bishop Andrzej Wypych for the blessing of the statue and celebrating the Holy Mass. Thank you for “Victor Studio”, who made professional photos of the ceremony. Thank you to all those who have come from near and far. May Our Lady of Fatima intercede for many graces for us all.
God bless!