02 May 2020

This Week Letter – May 3, 2020

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Brothers and Sisters,


Brothers and Sisters … We are wealthy in the Lord!!!
Let me explain. Each year, the fourth Sunday of Easter is called Good Shepherd Sunday, because on this day, we are reading together the 10th chapter of Saint John’s Gospel. In it, Jesus explains our relationship with Him. Jesus is our good shepherd! Let us repeat the words of the psalm today, which, for many, can be seen as scandal. Let’s say together: “The LORD is my shepherd; there is nothing I lack.”
Let this truth be in our burning hearts, as I mentioned a week ago. It is true that the Risen Lord is our Good Shepherd, and with Him we really have everything.
By saying these words out loud in Psalm 23, we confess as Catholics that Jesus is our treasure. If we have Him, we don’t need to have everything in this world; we are rich because of Him. It is good to belong to His flock. Even if we sometimes get lost, we believe that He will find us.

I believe that we will all see each other soon!!! Have a good week.


Your Priest,

Fr. Paul