04 May 2014

This Week Letter – May 4, 2014

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My Dear Parishioners and Friends, On the third Sunday of Easter, we listen to the Gospel according to St. Luke (24:13-35), which relates that two disciples met the Risen Lord on their way to Emmaus. They recognized Him while breaking bread and rejoiced to such an extent that they returned to Jerusalem late at night in order to share this good news with the other Apostles. May similar joy accompany us during our lives. Brothers and sisters, let us share this good news — that Our Lord rose from the dead and lives on among us — with everyone we encounter. Last Sunday we all deeply experienced the Canonization of two Popes, John XXIII and John Paul II. Both Popes played significant roles in the Catholic Church. John XXIII convened the Second Vatican Council which introduced major reforms in the Church, whereas John Paul II incorporated these resolutions from Vatican II throughout his entire pontificate. We are very proud that the Church has been enriched by these two Saintly Popes who serve as our intermediaries now with God. A variety of mementos celebrating this occasion are available in our Rectory office. A special exhibit will be on display in our Church from June 5 – 10th, 2014, entitled “John Paul II: A Polish Testimonial to the World,” prepared by the Catholic University of Lublin (KUL). This exhibit was brought to Chicago by alumni and friends of KUL. Twelve canvases depict the most noteworthy moments in the life and papacy of our Saintly Polish Pope. This display showcases the most important areas of concern to our Saintly Pope, namely: academic achievement, the defense of freedom, global pilgrimages, inter-religious dialogue, youth, the sick, the suffering and the family. Many of the photographs on display are works little known or archival. They include photographs of Karol Wojtyla’s childhood, of his manuscripts and of the famous window in the Wojtyla home overlooking the sundial with its inscription, “Time is running out, eternity awaits.” Also included are photos documenting the most memorable moments of St. John Paul’s pontificate. The final photograph portrays the smiling image of Saint John Paul II from his Father’s home. On June 1st, the Polonia Club, which was instrumental in the founding of St. Constance Parish, will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its inception. I invite you and encourage your participation in these festivities honoring the club’s achievements. The bulletin contains a special invitation to this celebration. I extend my heartfelt thanks to all of you for your presence, generosity and gifts presented to us on Easter. Further, I also sincerely thank all those who cleaned and decorated the church. Special thanks go to Sister Zofia Turczyn and Mr. Jan Mleczko. The following volunteers also offered their selfless assistance: Kevin Michelini along with the chorus “Glory and Praise,” Robert Kondos, Stanislaw Abratanski, Mieczyslaw Merchut, Waclaw Milewski, Tadeusz Tabaka, Jozef Milewski, Jozef Jasion, Stanislaw Chrobak, Kazimierz Milewski, Mieczyslaw Sieklucki, Jozef Czarny, Wladyslaw Lopatkiewicz, Jan Ponichtera, Lucjan Majewski, Edmund Milewski, Franciszek Kolek, Jacek Kazmierczak, Krystyna Wilk