04 May 2019

This Week Letter – May 5, 2019

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From the Pastor’s Desk


Sometimes, it seems that what we are experiencing in the present has happened already in our past.  We cannot pinpoint the exact time or place, but we are certain that this occurence has taken place at some other time in our lives.  The Apostles were experiencing just such moments after the Resurrection of Christ.  At one time, when they were with Him, they had asked many questions and had demanded explanations.  Now everything was plain and simple.  The Lord was with them once again.

Have we already encountered Christ Risen?  Does the Easter joy flowing from our Risen Lord remain in our hearts and in our families?  Have we already acknowledged our love and fidelity to Christ as did Peter in today’s Gospel?  Let us remember that our response to love cannot be with words alone, but  also with our whole hearts and lives.

Fr. Richard Milek