20 Nov 2020

This Week Letter – November 22, 2020

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Brothers and Sisters,


I am not ready for self judgment.  It could be a very embarrassing experience . . .


Thinking of the words of Jesus, I come to a terrible conclusion.  Most of the good being done in my presence is the result of your kindness, Brothers and Sisters.  Rarely must I give of myself.  Every week, the members of St. Constance Parish indicate to me their desire to help others.  If I could I would shout out to Jesus:  “Lord, I have found those who have recognized You in the other person!”  On a daily basis, many of you demonstrate to me your desire to help others.  For this I thank you.


It would be difficult, today, not to call attention to our Missionary Sisters of Christ the King with whom we are so closely associated.  We thank God that they answered His call to serve Him and we pray that they continue to recognize Christ in all others.


Your Priest,

Fr. Paul