23 Nov 2019

This Week Letter – November 24, 2019

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Christ’s Reign

The feast of Christ the King was announced originally in 1925, but its content is as old as Christian Faith itself, for the word Christ is nothing more than the Greek translation of the word “Messiah” or anointed, king.  Jesus, the crucified “carpenter’s son”, is so much a king that His Name has become synonymous with the royal title. When we call ourselves Christians, we define ourselves as the King’s people. To understand what Jesus’ kingdom means, we must refer to the Old Testament Scriptures. God did not want Israel to be ruled by an earthly king. He allowed such a situation to prevail as a result of Israel’s rebellion against God and His prophets because of their departure from God’s original will. The law was to be king of Israel and so, by law, Israel’s king was to be God Himself.  The Israelites envied the powerful rulers of other nations. And here something special happened: God condoned the stubbornness of Israel and thus created a new opportunity to pour out His grace. Jesus, Son of God, descendant of King David, comes to earth and establishes the New Covenant. The great love of God is revealed, which even brings forth good out of original disobedience and actuates the plan of salvation. He searches for a man in his confusion and even makes our tangled life paths his own.  For this kingdom of God, this love, finds man and puts him on a new path. Therefore, God’s Kingdom means unwavering trust. Our King controls the situation perfectly, never using violence against his subordinates, revealing the Truth (The Word), implementing His plan and sealing it with His death on the Cross and with the Resurrection. The King calls us to take His side and to remember that He has prepared His kingdom for us. His authority is based not on violence but on love. His Kingdom is strong with the power of love.

On the occasion of the Feast of Christ the King, on behalf of our entire parish community, I would like to extend my best wishes to all the priests and Missionary Sisters of Christ the King for Polonia.   I especially thank the Sisters who minister in our parish. May Christ the King bless your service for the glory of His Kingdom!

Advent begins next Sunday, the time of waiting for the coming of the One who brings peace to our hearts. He is the Light, Life, Truth and the Way. Let this waiting period ignite our love and bring us closer to God and to each other.


Roman Harmata PA