12 Oct 2019

This Week Letter – October 13, 2019

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From the Pastor’s Desk


A certain clergyman was celebrating a field mass and during his homily he told the congregation that they must always thank God even if they do not receive what they are expecting. After the homily, the clergyman gave the altar server his hat to take up the collection.  Unfortunately, the server returned with an empty hat.  The gathered faithful waited to see the clergyman’s reaction.  He lifted his eyes to heaven and said:  “Thank God that at least my hat was returned to me!”


In today’s Gospel, we encounter a Samaritan, the only one of ten lepers to return in order to thank Jesus for his miraculous cure.  What a wonderful lesson of the gratitude we should show daily to God and man!  Before long we will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day, the feast that reminds us to always appreciate the gifts we have received from God and from others.   Let us remember to recognize what we have and not what we are lacking.  Let us note what we have achieved and not where we have failed.  Let us not envy what others have but thank God for what we have attained with His help.  May our lives never be lacking in prayers of gratitude to God nor the words “Thank you” to others to whom we owe so much.  I take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support of our Parish.


Congratulations and thanks to Father Paul and the youth of our parish for organizing the baking and selling of cookies last Sunday and to all of you who supported this project.


Fr. Richard Milek