15 Oct 2016

This Week Letter – October 16, 2016

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Dear Parishioners & Friends

of St. Constance Parish,


In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, St. Constance Parish is honored to be celebrating the 100th Anniversary of its founding. In 1916, thanks to the endeavors of the Polonia Club and some ninety families from the parish of Our Lady of Victory, our desired parish for the Polish American community – St. Constance – finally came into being. Although many changes occurred through the course of 100 years, what always remained of prime importance were its mainstay of faith and its spirit of love, open to the various ethnic groups who also embraced this parish as their own spiritual home.

Today, I am reminded of the many priests, nuns, lay staff, teachers, catechists, tutors, parishioners and friends who, in the past 100 years have been instrumental in building up this parish. Many are here with us today, but others already have passed into the next life. I pray that our Merciful Jesus grants health and safekeeping to those still living and that He rewards those departed, with the joy of His Heavenly Kingdom.

Although we may hail from America or other corners of the earth, although we may speak many languages, here, in this place, we are united by our Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. We are united, too, by the wealth of culture and tradition which we share with each other. And we are united by love, for where there is love, there also is God.

I am very happy that God has allowed me to serve you for over twenty years – seven as an Associate and now over thirteen years as your Pastor. I have loved you all like family. I am pleased that for over a year, God has permitted me to work along with the 100-Year Anniversary Committee headed by Deacon Jim Schiltz and his wife Connie, and the current Polonia Club President Casey Milewski and his wife Teresa as we prepared for today’s festivities. This task was not easy since, simultaneously, we were conducting our highly successful “To Teach Who Christ Is” campaign.

Many thanks to all for your commitment and self-sacrifice. God bless each of you for your presence today at Mass as well as at the banquet. In particular, I thank his Excellency Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki, former pastor of St. Constance Parish, for officiating at our Jubilee Mass and his Excellency Bishop John Manz for opening our 100th anniversary year and for their presence at the banquet.  My thanks to each priest, nun and everyone else who graced us with their presence on this momentous day. May our Merciful Jesus bestow His blessings on the entire parish, each of our parishioners and all of our dear friends.

God bless!