05 Oct 2019

This Week Letter – October 6, 2019

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From the Pastor’s Desk


News spread among the passengers that the ship got hooked on a coral reef and was sinking.  The terrified passengers hurriedly began to put on their life jackets, except for one young boy who sat calmly observing the waves.  On seeing this, one of the passengers asked the boy if he realized that all the passengers on the ship could die.  The boy smiled and answered, “That is impossible because the Captain is my father.  He loves me and would never allow anything bad to happen to me.”  This example is a wonderful lesson of the faith and trust we should have in God, who is our Father.

The treasure of faith was planted in our hearts at the time of our Baptism and our task is to deepen it, pass it on and defend it.  Our faith ought to be:

  • Intelligent, which means that we should try to know as best we can the God in whom we believe;
  • Alive, which means we ought to live our faith every day;
  • Apostolic, which means we ought to share our faith with others.

So let us call out today with the Apostles; “Lord, increase our faith.”

I remind you and invite you to attend our Parish Dinner Dance on Saturday, October 12th;  I urge you to take part in our Raffle and to purchase Dinner and Raffle tickets available in Borowczyk Hall after every weekend Mass or in the Rectory during the week.  God bless and good luck!


,                                                                                              Fr. Richard Milek