06 Aug 2016

This Week Letter – August 07, 2016

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Dear Parishioners and Friends,


During vacation we take a break from tiring activities such as working, studying and other matters. We want to rest to the fullest and not think about the problems of daily life. But after all, we make the time to browse through the books of the Holy Scripture, and there we can find fragments pertaining to our time, to us, and to the circumstances with which we are dealing with, as well as to the situations which often surprise us.

Each verse of Scripture reminds us about obligations imposed on us by faith, because we are the people of God. It reminds us of the joy of life in communion with Christ. Through baptism we enter in the family of the Church, and hence we become Her members. This fact compels us  to seriously think how to make decisions in accordance with our conscience, not the decisions which bring us a momentary advantage.

Saint Paul, the Apostle of the Gentiles,  in a letter to the Hebrews, teaches them (and at the same time us): “Faith is the realization of what is hoped for and evidence of things not seen(11.1). So during our ordinary work and activities, we have to look with faith and do everything as Christ Himself did, as He desires us to accomplish.

In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus tells us about life in close relation to God. At the same time He allows us  to understand, that we will never know the day or hour, when Parousia – the second coming of Christ – will be, and when we will be called upon to give a report of our life and the tasks that have been given to us and commissioned by God. It doesn’t matter whether it’s physical work, mental, our profession or service, including the Church; we will have to settle all our actions with Him.

We have to remember:  “Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more.” (Lk 12, 48).

Next week several thousand Polish pilgrims will be walking from Chicago to the shrine of our Lady of Czestochowa in Merrillville in Indiana. Many members of our parish will join in this prayerful singing group together with Father Robert Frączek. I wish you all stamina and a deep spiritual experience.

Our parish housekeeper Mrs. Elizabeth Sieklucka will celebrate her birthday on Saturday, August 13. I offer her our heartfelt wishes of health and God’s blessings.

We cordially invite the Committee and all who want to assist in the organization of the celebration of the 100-year Anniversary of our parish. The next organizational meeting of our 100th Anniversary and upcoming picnic will take place in Borowczyk Hall on Wednesday, 17 August, at 7:00pm. God Bless You!