30 Jul 2021

This Week Letter – August 1, 2021

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“I am the bread of life” …

The situation recounted in today’s Gospel is a lesson that Jesus gives to His disciples and to the

surrounding crowds. Through His teachings and miracles, Jesus wants to remind us of our supernatural calling, He wants to pilot our search towards eternity and thus reaffirm that we are children of God, freed from sin. He wants to send us to proclaim his Kingdom of love, which is stronger than the fear of death.

However, before we ourselves become like Him and be “like bread” for other people, we must

understand the process of spiritual transformation. We are to be like seeds thrown into the ground that have to die before they can bear fruit. In order to unite with Love, pride and false desires of our nature must die.

Purified in this way, we will be ready for more spiritual lessons. Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would

complete his promised work in us.

Today we read about people who have been miraculously fed by the power of Jesus. Unfortunately, the desires and motivations of those who have eaten were false: “You are looking for me … because you ate the bread until you were satisfied.” They should have begun to understand that their fulfilment is in Christ Himself, but they were attached to their physical and personal needs. This can be pitfall in all of us. Jesus is the only food that lasts forever. He alone gives eternal life. We ourselves may be impeded by multiple attachments in our surroundings. Our senses, emotions, relationships, imaginations, and habits are often like anchors that prevents our soul from full spiritual freedom and union with Christ.

Jesus is the Father’s seal – His most precious gift and sign in our hearts. The Father’s desire for us is to believe that he sent His only Son who is the only one who can satisfy all our desires in his way. Jesus descended into the world for you and me. He wants and needs to be our daily bread so that we can live forever.

Roman Harmata PA