04 Aug 2020

This Week Letter – August 2, 2020

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My Brothers and Sisters,


It is probably far more pleasant to hear about going to the beach…but Jesus wants to go into the desert.

Will you join Him?


Note that Jesus “withdrew in a boat to a deserted place” (Mt 14:13-21).  He wanted to pray and knew that He had to escape from the hustle and bustle, the crowds and the noise.  The evangelists remind us that Jesus regularly rose before dawn to go to a deserted place in order to pray (see Mk 1:35 & Lk 4:42).

In a word, Jesus continually withdrew from the crowds in order to engage in what was most important, which is to enter into communion with His Father in prayer. I think He did this not only out of desire and need, but also to give us an example so as to instill in us a similar need and desire.

This Jesus addressed these words to his disciples: “Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest awhile” (Mk 6:31).


What a paradox!  We go to the desert to quench our desires!  God invites us to a place where there are no animals and no flourishing vegetation in order to feed us.

Such deserted places in today’s world can be called parish centers.  Here you can always find quiet, empty pews, and even should others be there beside you, they also have come to find Jesus.  In faith, let us leave our homes as often as possible to meet Him in prayer in that deserted place…our CHURCH.

Speaking of CHURCH, I sincerely thank all who, materially or spiritually, helped to refurbish our church doors.

I want you to know that although the church doors appear closed during the week, they will be opened for you if you desire to come and spend some time with God.


Your Priest

Fr. Paul