19 Aug 2017

This Week Letter – August 20, 2017

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Dear Parishioners and Friends.


Listening to the words of today’s Gospel (Mt 15: 21-28), we ask ourselves: can we afford to help, unselfishly, those who need it, and do not have the courage to ask for it? For many of us it is not only a physical but an emotional problem as the words that may come to us are sometimes obnoxious  and  hostile. And yet there are some who can overcome the barrier of shame, the barrier of emotion, and reach out for help and give it as well. Our society is divided into three groups: the first is the one that needed help, the second needs help and the third will need it, not just material help but also psychological, spiritual, specialized and medical. Whatever help we give, this is what Saint Paul means by saying, “I comfort myself in this hope that I may stir up my countrymen and lead at least some of them to salvation.” (Rom 11:14). So he goes to the pagans with the belief that God will use his ministry also for the good of those who still disbelieve in Him.

The Gospel of today is a parable of a Canaanite woman whose courage, persistence and unwavering faith, and at the same time, the conviction of the righteousness of her request, are worthy of imitation. To help her child, because of maternal love, she agrees to the most humiliating treatment. Her daughter probably is unaware of the mother’s unrestricted sacrifice, where she is willing to sacrifice everything to free her child from the yoke of dependence on evil. A mother’s love to her child can make miracles. Jesus speaks; “O woman, your faith is great; Let it happen to you as you wish “(Mt 15:28).

God is always the most important man, His love and faith. This pagan woman experienced the Lord’s graciousness, for she gave evidence of faith and hope motivated by love for the child. So let’s be people who, in giving help, do not make any distinction and do not create barriers.
I warmly welcome all the children, especially newcomers who will be passing the threshold of our school for the first time, all teachers, catechists, educators, school workers, the religious education program and the Polish School of St. Maximilian M. Kolbe. May all of you generously bless this new school year and catechesis 2017-18 and make it fruitful for all.

See you next Sunday at our parish family picnic, lot no. 4, Bunker Hill in Niles. We will begin the bilingual Mass. at. 11:00 am There will be many attractions for children and adults. Athletes will play football and volleyball matches. Field kitchen and the military kitchen will serve tasty dishes. There will be ice cream, sugar candy and frozen drinks. Trains and other vehicles will offer attractive rides. Clowns and Mickey Mouse will entertain you. The COMEBACK Band will play music for the dancing. Free entrance! Come and invite your neighbors and friends.

God bless!