25 Feb 2017

This Week Letter – February 26, 2017

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Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Very often we hear the term “road map”. It would be tempting to create such a road map for every Christian. Maps that would allow us to go through earthly life to eternity with a clear conscience, with faith and prayer.
From a human point of view it is obvious that everyone wants to be surrounded by a circle of friends; they want to use technical innovations and cultural goods; they want their lives on planet Earth to be easy and emptied of unpleasant or bad experiences. It is understood that, having many things to do that we are using the scientific and technological commonwealth, does not mean that we neglect in this way God’s plan.
Let’s look at life from the perspective of the final encounter with the Lord. We see then what is most important, namely that by living, working, meeting with others, we do not reject what God offers us, or Salvation; but that our actions dovetail with the path laid down by Him, who set the plan for all life, while allowing free will; that is how and in what manner, using the benefits of culture and technology, we go way towards Him.
It is worth it to take the confidence of St. Paul and agree with him: “Let them regard us, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God” (1 Cor 4,1). Why? Because together we create the Holy Church, whose task is to proclaim to all, of God, His law and His love. When we act so, “everyone will receive praise from God” (1 Cor 4,5-b).
Today’s Gospel clearly defines our tasks, but also the law. The word mammon, spoken by Jesus Christ, does not mean only fortune, which many of us think, but it can also mean our choice of path in life – with God or without Him. Our life is a path that we walk in a worthy manner, quietly completing the tasks assigned to us, but always putting God in the first place .
I cordially greet the parish priest Paul Barwikowski who is being transferred to us from St. Andrew’s parish, where he worked since his ordination. Ks. Paul is a young priest, full of enthusiasm, energy and ideals. Assume it with open hearts. The harvest is great and every worker is useful to us paracy. Let us try not to let Fr. Paul be bored and make him feel like at home.
Do not forget to send birthday wishes to the former pastor of St. Constance parish, Thomas Rzepiela. He would definitely be happy if you send a birthday card to the St. Thomas of Villanova parish in Palatine, where he is now the pastor.

God bless!