31 Dec 2020

This Week Letter – January 3, 2021

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Brothers and Sisters, today, return to your home “another way” . . .


St. Matthew tells us that the magi returned home by “another way”, something about which the great saints of the church have always spoken, pointing out that more was involved than just avoiding Herod.  “Another way” emphasizes that the magi returned as changed men, not as they were when they arrived, but converting more and more to the ways and style of the new King, the way of faith, the way of Christlike love.


I realize change can be difficult.  I am reminded of what a great challenge any kind of “change” can be for us.  One of our brothers shouted, “No change!” a few weeks ago when at the end of Mass, I announced the decisions made through the “Renew My Church” program.


Each time we come to Mass, either to bring our gifts and offerings or, in particular, to offer our entire life in prayerful homage, when we leave we ought to be changed, changed by the Word, changed by our sincere prayers, transformed by our internal union with the Lord.  The goal of every Mass is forever to change our lives for the better, the lives of us who are already traveling on our own way but returning home “another way”.



Your Priest,

Fr. Paul