07 Jan 2018

This Week Letter – January 7, 2018

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Dear Parishioners and Friends,


People are always looking for other people. Some cover long distances to meet this goal. They take on many difficulties and hardships to be able to find the person they are seeking. The wise men from the East, whom we meet in the pages of today’s Gospel, did the same. They were very persistent in seeking the Messiah and no obstacles were able to hinder their mission.

They followed the star that led their way, and arrived at the place they sought for, where they saw the Child with His Mother, Mary. They first opened their hearts in homage and then offered gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh – treasures belonging to a king, because they recognized the royal dignity of The Child. This mysterious Star informed the Magi who the Child in Bethlehem is. We too, like the Magi, should worship God in the little Jesus, the Creator and Lord of the universe.
The meeting of the Magi with the Holy Family was a heartfelt and loving event (Mt 2: 1-12). Behold, they have found God and fulfilled their longing. Today, on the feast of the Epiphany, the Child born that glorious night in Bethlehem reveals itself to the world as the Light of Salvation for all nations. God came into the world to indicate the destiny of man, as well as to redeem and save them. The way of the Wise Men from the East is a symbol for all ages, showing all the ways that people from near and far walk towards Christ’s light. It is also a model for our age.
What can we get from the scene of today’s feast? The certainty that after meeting with Jesus, one always comes back through a different way to his home. The way to Jesus is the path of seeking, and the path with Jesus is the way of finding. Herod was planning to destroy, hence his quest was not successful. The Magi sought to enrich, that is why they were enriched. It is important, therefore, not to falter in the search. Do not lose faith, because everything can end well. Obstacles? These are only temporary obstructions. Jesus is waiting for us and will meet us where we do not expect Him. He can always be found if we are armed with perseverance like the Magi from the East. The one who searches, finds. Now, let our hearts now be filled with contemplation of the mystery first revealed to the Bethlehem shepherds and then to the Magi who opened the way to the mystery revealed in Christ.
Tomorrow, Monday, January 8, we will celebrate the Feast of the Lord’s Baptism, which will officially end the Christmas season.

God, You who have sent Your Son, the True Light, please give us the spirit of perseverance, so that by living truthfully and with love we will give the answer of faith.

God Bless!