14 Jul 2018

This Week Letter – July 15, 2018

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From the Pastor’s Desk…


With sympathy and admiration in our hearts we observe in today’s Gospel the disciples who are being sent by Jesus on a mission. We are wondering if they will succeed since all they can take on their journey is a traveling stick and sandals. Their secret weapon however is a blessing of their Lord, Jesus Christ. Like the apostles, we all have been sent on a mission to a place called St. Constance Parish.

As you know, we have our Mission Statement to follow and fulfill. One of our obligations is to provide and care for this beautiful, sacred place of worship, which is a house of prayer for all people. I want to take this opportunity

to thank you for your support and generosity to St. Constance Parish.

In a special way I want to thank Sister Kinga for fulfilling so beautifully her mission here at St. Constance Parish as the Director of Religious Education. Sister Kinga, like the apostles from today’s gospel, didn’t take anything with herself except her habit and a heart filled with faith and love.

Sister Kinga has been a dedicated and outstanding witness of the Lord for our children and for all of us. We are thankful for all her hard work and dedication and for being an essential part of our Staff. May God’s endless blessings be upon her as she moves to her new assignment where she will continue to be a guidance and inspiration to all. On behalf of St. Constance Parish, we wish you the very best in the future and we will keep you always in our prayers.

Many thanks are extended to the Polonia Club for having organized a wonderful picnic last Sunday, as well as to all who took part in the meeting in preparation for our Parish Picnic which will take place on August 26th.  Today, I heartily invite everyone to this fun-filled event.


  Fr. Richard Milek