20 Jul 2019

This Week Letter – July 21, 2019

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 From the Pastor’s Desk…


The first and most important message for us is that the Lord was welcomed into the home of Mary and Martha. Each of us is a potential home for Jesus. Do we welcome Him? Or are we too busy with our own pursuits, our own distractions, to find time each day to welcome the Lord into our homes, into our very being? There are so many people who cannot seem to find time for the Lord. They are so busy that Jesus never even gets into their houses. Rather than debate whether Martha or Mary was doing the right thing, we should first make sure that our Savior is being welcomed into our hearts each and every day. It’s also our job to make sure that we bring children to Jesus because He said: “Let the children come to Me.” We are doing that through the Catholic Schools in our Archdiocese. I encourage our families to register their children into our Catholic School and also to promote our school among others.


Fr. Richard Milek