09 Jul 2020

This Week Letter – July 5, 2020

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Brothers and Sisters,




Having decided to come to Mass, you probably never expected that you were the recipient of one of the most amazing invitations you had ever received and one of the most unbelievable promises.  The sender of this invitation is JESUS who loved you so much that He decided to die for you.  “Come to Me” He says, “everyone, all who are weary.”  Now THIS IS AN INVITATION.

Come everyone, come all of you who have concerns about work or family life; come all of you who are sad as well as you who are surviving life after the loss of a loved one or are worried about your loved ones;  come all of you who are distressed because of your sins and their consequences; COME EVERYONE!

In addition, there is yet another unusual promise: “I will refresh you.”


Any volunteers?  Anyone with heavy burdens want to respond to Jesus?  Anyone overworked?


Best wishes!  Phone if you have anything you’d like to discuss.


Your Priest

Fr. Paul