03 Jun 2017

This Week Letter – June 04, 2017

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Dear Parishioners and Friends,

By reading the Scriptures, we see that certain situations and events of the Gospels are described in exhaustive detail. Today’s description is short, without details, but conceals a very important fact – the Pentecost. This event itself is ranked third in all, after the Birth of Christ and the Resurrection. God, in His wisdom and providence, ordered these events to aid us on the way of faith towards our salvation.
Today we thank God for the gifts of the Holy Spirit – the gifts that guide us; they guide us on our earthly journey and show us how not to deviate from the path of true faith. The gifts of the Holy Spirit, and indeed, the Holy Spirit Himself, accompany us in all moments of our lives. “We are all baptized in one Spirit to form one Body” (1 Cor 12:13). But do we all make use of this aid? The gifts that God supplies to us through the Holy Spirit, do we appreciate and use them? It seems strange, but there are people for whom the gifts of the Holy Spirit are not merely meaningless, but even disturb, tire or annoy them.
What about us? Let us be open to what the Holy Spirit does in us and around us, the charisms He shares, the feelings and decisions that are born of His inspirations in our hearts. He is the giver of grace, the light of conscience, the joy of hearts, the coolness in work, the cure in tears, He heals the wounds, the burns, the hard, the burning, the cold, the wandering, and leads us to the marina of salvation. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit sent by Christ to perform in us the work of sanctification that He has done for us on earth. Let us thank the Lord Jesus for His gifts. Let us give thanks for the gifts of discernment, understanding, the gift of wisdom. Finally, thank you for the gift of peace. It is a gift that radiates so powerfullly that it gives peace even to the most shaken.
The day of the Descent of the Holy Spirit is the birth of our Church. We ask for the gifts of understanding, learning, vocation, love and goodness. The Holy Spirit today speaks to us with the mouths of the great world, showing us the way and direction of development. A special example of the action of the Holy Spirit is the Holy Mass, during which we participate in the mystery of the Lord – because it always was the Mass. The Holy Spirit is trying to guide us so that we can follow the path of Christ and follow God, and we must be able to read these readings. Hence the call: “Come Holy Spirit and fill the hearts of the faithful!”
God, you want to unite in the Holy Spirit all the people marked in baptism with the name of Christ, that the believers may have one heart and one spirit. Build this world in unity and peace, give health to the sick, comfort the afflicted, and bestow upon all your salvation.
I sincerely invite you to an extraordinary meeting with Allen Ames, who came all the way from Australia, to pray with us and for the sick on Saturday, June 17, 7:00 in the evening.
God bless!