10 Jun 2017

This Week Letter – June 11, 2017

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Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Sometimes we have a day in which nothing goes according to plan, and we are angry for everything and to everyone. Instead of sitting quietly and reflecting on our ineptitude, we accuse and despise and curse even ourselves. So, it is sometimes not easy for us to grasp the surrounding reality; consequently, we put the blame on others. Likewise, if it is difficult for us to understand ourselves, then we should be much more aware of our imperfections in the perspective of the mysteries of God.
The truth about the Holy Trinity is one of the most difficult truths of faith. To understand it, it is not enough to assimilate the biblical knowledge and the teaching of the Church. There is more to this: acting in the humility of faith, which in a transcendental (extrasensory) way that allows us to touch the reality of God’s life as the unity of the Three Persons. God is not someone, somewhere far away. God is close to man and wants to penetrate all his being. With love, He has called man to life and sent His Son to the world out of love, through the sacrifice of His cross to redeem man, and finally sent from the love of the Holy Spirit to work in us the work of sanctification. Christ, revealing the mystery of the Trinity, reveals the mystery of man. Only it is difficult to understand for us.
We must understand one thing – Faith in God in the One Trinity is the basis of the teaching of the mission of Christ and of His redemption. And that is the fundamental and basic truth for all of us in our Catholic Christianity. The Dogma of the Most Holy Trinity is primarily a dogma of the living God, whose life consists in mutual possession, mutual dedication and perfect exchange. By sanctifying grace, we participate in the lives of the three Divine Persons, knowing the Father through the Son in the Love of the Holy Spirit.
For those who do not have a theological education, it is sometimes difficult to grasp the truth that in one Person we confess God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, even though we are aware that this is the most perfect community of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. God is perfect and there is no lack in Him. In this unity of persons, God is Love, the most selfless Love. Similarly, Christian Family should be a community built on the foundation of love and unity. Finally, the most important thing – the Trinity teaches practical and personal love. That is enough; for the rest, we must embrace with faith and understanding through our Love for God.
God, One in the Holy Trinity, give us the Truth and Love, enlighten our minds so we can continue to learn what you give us as your children.
For children, teachers and everyone going on vacation, I wish you a great time. Remember that there is no vacation from God. Wherever you are, discover His presence, and do not be ashamed of your faith. Love Jesus and give His love to all you meet. Even while on vacation in another country, try to find a Catholic Church to attend Sunday Mass. May the Lord bless you all!
God bless!