07 Mar 2020

This Week Letter – March 08, 2020

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“Go in the peace of Christ and by your lives praise the Lord.”

My Brothers and Sisters,


I hope you were able to pay special attention to your daily activities about which we spoke last week.    Today, I call your attention to the Eucharistic Liturgy in which we are participating and to the challenge we hear at the end of this gathering.  We learn from the Gospel passage for the second Sunday of Lent about the Transfiguration of our Lord before the disciples who accompanied Him on the way to Mount Tabor.  During the Consecration, we see Jesus transfigured not into dazzling white robes, but rather remaining under the forms of bread and wine.  We hear the voice of God in our private prayer, in reading his Word and even in the Polish-accented homily.

We cannot return to the world in the same state which we were in when we entered the church today.    We need to have changed, transformed by the blessings God has given us during our participation at Mass.  We know that various crosses (hardships) await us, but we also recognize the power and wisdom of these crosses as a gift from the Lord to try to bring us with Christ Crucified to our eternal glory.

The current coronavirus epidemic has been identified as a serious threat to public health, but direct threats to the health of the general public are considered low.  It is important, however, to take preventive action in order to reduce the risk of any transmission of the virus.  Therefore, it is recommended at every Mass that you:

  • Refrain from physical contact during the Sign of Peace (Note: The Sign of Peace may be exchanged without physical contact).
  • Refrain from holding hands during the Our Father.


Finally, please join in praying for all those afflicted by the coronavirus and other infectious diseases.


Your Priest,  Fr. Paul