13 Mar 2021

This Week Letter – March 14, 2021

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Brothers and Sisters,


Many people are afraid to give a child a Cross as a gift.  This exaggerated behavior must be dropped.


Today’s Gospel points out the meaning of the Cross in your life and mine,


The Cross is something much greater and more mysterious than it might seem at first glance.  It is indeed an instrument of torture, suffering and defeat, but at the same time, it manifests a complete transformation that makes it the most eloquent symbol of hope the world has ever seen.  The Cross can speak to all who suffer – the oppressed, ailing, poor, outcasts, victims of violence – and it gives them confidence that God will transform their suffering into joy, their death into life.  It offers unlimited hope to our fallen world.  A world without the Cross would be a world without hope.


Your Priest,

 Fr. Paul Barwikowski