19 Mar 2021

This Week Letter – March 21, 2021

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Brothers and Sisters,


I, too, would like you to show me Jesus of Nazareth; no doubt, your family expects this of you, also. Like the Greeks in our Gospel, there are many today who want to see Jesus.


They look to us gathered in our churches much like the Greeks who turned to Philip , asking that he introduce them to Jesus.  Thus, we must be ready not only to help others to join our church, but like Philip, we have an obligation to help them find the face of Jesus when they do come.  Pope Francis has said that the greatest reform the Church must effect  is the cessation of exclusive concern for those who are already in a relationship with Jesus and to help those who still  have not  found Him or who cannot yet clearly see his face. We cannot be introverts, lost only in fulfilling the Law.  In the end, it was by reason of the Law that Jesus had to die (John 19:7-8).  Let us help the members of our family and our neighbors to believe that Jesus has never stopped payng attention to them.  The Church needs more “Philips”.


On behalf of our parish community, I extend to Father Frank Florczyk, on the occasion of his birthday, our wishes for God’s blessings on every future day of his life.  In grateful celebration of your life, we wish you many more fulfilling years in God’s service.  Happy Birthday, Father Frank!


Your Priest,

 Fr. Paul Barwikowski