11 May 2019

This Week Letter – May 12, 2019

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From the Pastor’s Desk

In today’s Gospel, Christ presents Himself to us as the Good Shepherd and assures us that He knows His flock.  The image of the Good Shepherd is a symbol of  a call to unity.  This theme continues in the first reading reminding us of the beginning of Christ’s mission where neither differences nor lack of unity existed.  He had  come to bring peace and unity to all people.  In our devotions to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, we pray on the first Friday of each month that “there might remain but one flock and one Shepherd”.   Capitalizing on these words, let us pray for unity in our family, our church , our country and in the entire world.

Let us also pray for the children of St. Constance Parish who, this Saturday, received their First Holy Communion; remember their families in prayer, too.

Today, we celebrate Mother’s Day.  At all today’s Masses and those throughout the month of May we will be praying for all of our mothers, living and deceased.  In this way, we will show our gratitude to our mothers for giving us the gift of life and for raising us.  May God keep them in His care and may Mary obtain for them all needed blessings.  I thank you for your remembrance of your mothers and I invite you to continue your prayers for them by joining us, either actually or vicariously, at May devotions conducted in our church in the Polish language all week at 7:00pm and on Sundays at 6:30pm.

My heartfelt wishes for a very Happy Mother’s Day!


Fr. Richard Milek