26 May 2020

This Week Letter – May 24, 2020

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Brothers and Sisters,


Tell Jesus about your desires … 

 Did Jesus die? Yes, but it is an event from the past. Is Jesus alive? Yes, it is the current reality! Much happened in Jesus’ thirty-three years of life, all to give us what we need to follow Him on the path to a happy ending and eternal celebration in heaven. He tells us to look at the reward, to look at Him and heaven for which we were created. During the Holy Mass, we hear the call: “lift up your hearts.” We are invited to raise our desires towards Jesus who ascended to heaven, to hear His encouragement, His instructions and His words of love. We lift our hearts to the Lord and ask Him to one day also raise our bodies and souls to His kingdom. 

The Archdiocese of Chicago and its shepherds know about your desire to return to church. I am very happy that we can announce a plan to return to our parish churches, because it is within the Church’s community that we best realize our most important desire, which is Heaven. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the details of the process of opening the door of the Church, which can be found on page … of our bulletin.


Your Priest,

Fr. Paul