06 Nov 2020

This Week Letter – November 8, 2020

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Brothers and Sisters,


There are some things that you just don’t borrow . . . I’m sorry . . .

In today’s Gospel, we realize that there are certain things that cannot be borrowed. Like the foolish virgins who did not have enough oil for their own lamps (where oil means patient love for the Lord) and weren’t able to borrow it from the wise virgins, so we are unable to borrow anyone’s faith, hope or love.  We must have our own virtues, otherwise we may get caught unprepared and be left outside.

I cannot tell you how often people who are not faithful in the practice of their faith say to me, “I don’t come to Mass, Father, but my wife comes all the time.”  On other occasions, persons who do not qualify to be certified as Godparents since they do not practice their faith say, “But my grandmother is one of your most active parishioners.”  Sometimes they try another angle saying, “But my cousin is a priest!”  In all these cases, I explain to them that there are certain things that cannot be borrowed, one of which is our relation to the Lord.  We cannot borrow the faith of another.  We cannot borrow the hope of another.  We cannot borrow someone else’s soul nor their spiritual life.  This lesson applies even to those who are faithful to Christ — that there are certain things we just cannot lend to others.


Your Priest,

Fr. Paul