16 Oct 2020

This Week Letter – October 18, 2020

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Brothers and Sisters . . . You remind me of Someone!


I hope that no one present in the community of St Constance Parish would try to use the words of Jesus against Him.  In that case, we would be like the Pharisees, of whom today’s Gospel speaks.  No doubt, there are times when it appears that we are tempted to plan an ambush against the Righteous One.

Today, we do not come to entrap Jesus in His speech, but to learn from Him the truth that sets us free.  And when we ask Him the same question about the loyalty, we owe our country, the community to which we belong or the city where we live, Jesus turns to us for something.  He does not ask to see a dollar bill, instead He says to us: “Look in a mirror!”  That’s right, “Look in a mirror!”  Now He asks us, “Whose picture do you see there?”  Jesus want us to recognize that we have been created in the image and likeness of God.  He turns to us and says: “Then give to God what belongs to God.”  All that we are and all that we have, all our time, our talents and our health come from God; everything is part of our being in His Image and we are called by Him in all fairness, that being wise with love, we return to God that which is His.

God is not selfish; for that reason, the second greatest commandment is love of our neighbor.  All that we do for our brothers or sisters, we do for God Himself.

So, I really wish that, as a community, we remember to be good to each other.  This can be accomplished with a word, a smile, a cup of tea, or even praying together.  Give it a try . . . maybe someone will begin to be reminded of God!



Your Priest,

Fr. Paul