27 Oct 2018

This Week Letter – October 28, 2018

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From the Pastor’s Desk

We do not know how long Bartimaeus, the blind beggar, sat by the wayside asking for alms.  In a certain sense, he had sat there all his life waiting for that one Passerby, for only his meeting with Jesus changed his fate.  Only He who restored his eyesight and showered him with light, brought into his life a new dimension.  Christ unceasingly passes through our lives, too, constantly looking for faith.

Lord Jesus, place your hands on my eyes, so that I may look not at those things that can be seen, but on those that cannot be seen.  Open my eyes so they are not fixed on the present , but on the future; make my heart gaze brightly as it beholds God in my soul.

Remember to pray for your departed loved ones at Mass, particularly in November, a month dedicated to the remembrance of the dead.  To this end, please find the envelope for All Souls Day in your packet.  Fill in the names of your beloved departed and place the envelope in the collection basket.  It will be processed and placed on the altar during the month of  November so that those you named can be remembered in prayer at every Mass.

Fr Richard Milek