09 Oct 2020

This Week Letter – October 4, 2020

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Brothers and Sisters,


“Mine  !”  “This is my life, this is my work, this is my money, this is my family, this is my future, this is my Sunday – mine!  Mine!  Mine!”


In the United States, during the month of October, we want to remind the whole world even more of the need to respect the life of every living person.  We can easily see how the devil has instilled his lie in the hearts of all those who justify abortion.  This is a special time when we pray for life, for the help pregnant women need so that they have the strength to accept their children with love, regardless of the problems that accompanied conception.  We pray for healing and forgiveness for those women who tragically chose to end the lives of their children.  Pro-abortion leaders proclaim the diabolical idea: “This is my body!  This is my choice!”  But the body of the child is not their body.  Not even our bodies are our own; we are trustees, not owners.  Yet, from the time the devil gave someone the notion that he is the “owner” and not the trustee, there have occurred catastrophic consequences such as we’ve witnessed 55 million times in our country alone since the passing of the abortion law.


Today I thank you for all the help you give to pregnant women, particularly to those in our parish community.


Your Priest,

 Fr. Paul