31 Aug 2019

This Week Letter – September 1, 2019

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From the Pastor’s Desk


During a flight from Johannesburg, an elegant lady who was aboard the aircraft called the flight attendant and complained loudly in front of all the other passengers that she did not like the poor man occupying the seat next to her.  The attendant replied that the plane was filled and there were no other seats available.  The woman appealed to the pilot who promised to help.  After a while, the flight attendant returned and said that the pilot would allow a switch to the only free seat which was in business class.  Before the distinguished lady could react, the attendant said to the shabby looking man: “Please get your belongings together; we are switching you to a seat in business class.”  All the passengers began to applaud.

We are shocked at the ill-mannered and selfish attitude of the woman; we are sorry for the man who suffered such great intolerance; we empathize with the passengers who witnessed that the words of Jesus;  “For everyone who exults himself will be humbled, but the one who humbles himself will be exalted” came true.  May the readings from today’s Mass be a lesson for us in humility and decency.

Thank you to all sponsors, volunteers and participants at our Parish Picnic.  As previously announced, the entire proceeds are designated for the repair of the gym roof.

September is a month of tragic remembrances.  On September 1st, we observe the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II and on Wednesday, September 11th, we observe the 18th anniversary of the terrorist attacks in New York.  Let us remember in our prayers all the victims of war and terrorist attacks and let us pray for peace throughout the world.

On Monday, September 2nd, the Rectory office will be closed as we celebrate Labor Day here in the United States.  On this day at St. Constance, we will celebrate one bi-lingual Mass at 9:00am to which you are all cordially invited. God bless!

Fr. Richard Milek