09 Sep 2017

This Week Letter – September 10, 2017

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Dear Parishioners and Friends.


The subject of today’s readings is love for one’s neighbor, but also a warning against departing from the right way, without sin. Isaiah warns us that if sinners do not repent from their sin, they will have no share in eternal life. Our task is to watch out for and remind such people. This is a difficult task, because nowadays, it is difficult to be the one to  admonish them. It is easier for us to pass the warning to our children, to the more difficult relatives, but to remind someone outside of the family is not likely to happen.
It is precisely on this subject that St. Paul speaks in the letter to the Romans. In the following words he answers our doubts: “Do not be indebted to anyone except for mutual love. For he who loves his neighbor, has fulfilled the law. For the commandments, like: Do not commit adultery, do not kill, do not steal, do not covet, and all others – are summarized in this commandment: Love your neighbor as yourself! “(Rom 13: 8-9)  But do we receive the same goodness and love from our neighbor?
Arguments and disputes belong to the daily routine of many families, siblings or loved ones. We can clearly state that the first step towards reconciliation should always belong to us, even if the fault is on the side of the other person. You have to overcome your weakness, gain courage, and not be looking out for or counting profits or losses. Sometimes, we criticize others without a valid reason. Why? Better yet, follow Christ’s instructions for fraternal admonition: “When your brother sins, go and remind him in private. If he ignores you, you will call your brother “(Mt 18: 15-16). What knowledge can we still draw for ourselves from this parable? Do not blame them in front of others if you have someone who needs some correction – do it privately. No one can live in peace if he carries resentment in his heart against another. Love really starts at home. Controversy can sometimes cleanse the atmosphere and open new perspectives, and may even deepen the bond. From both sides, it depends on whether we are looking for closeness and reconciliation or whether we create a distance, reaching our own rationale. Let us pray that in our interpersonal relationships, we can always be guided by the law of love.
Please mark your calendar on October 28, 2017. This is the date of our annual “Parish Dinner Dance,” in the Handzel Center. Book a place for yourself and your friends. It is always a good opportunity for good cultural entertainment, mutual meeting and getting to know each other, establishing new contacts, and, of course, supporting the Parish of St. Constance. I encourage everyone to purchase our raffles. Are you interested in helping to sell raffle tickets? God bless you all for your kindness and sacrifice.
I would like to extend warmest birthday greetings to our parish secretary,  Dorota Strek, REP secretary, Dorota Archacki, Father Władysław Podeszwik, and Deacon Jim Schiltz.

God bless!