01 Sep 2018

This Week Letter – September 2, 2018

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From the Pastor’s desk…
In today’s second reading, Saint. James says: “Every good we receive and everyl perfect gift comes down from the Father.”
In this spirit of thanksgiving, I would like to thank God for gathering us into one parish community last Sunday during our picnic. I prayed for good weather and then I heard that I was praying to much and it got too hot. Despite the heat, many parishioners and friends responded to our invitation. Thank you all for coming and supporting our picnic.
I particularly would like to thank all members of the organizing committee, our schools and all parish groups and organizations. I thank all the sponsors for generous and open hearts and I assure you of remembrance in my prayers.
Fr. Richard Miłek
Sponsors and donors of our picnic:
Alex’s Deli , Kasia’s Deli, Mikolajczyk Deli, Laramie Bakery and Deli, Jolly Inn, Lone Tree Manor, Adam i Agnieszka Karwas, Norbert Garczynski – Bounce Houses, Przedszkole Czerwony Kapturek, “Krak” – Cecylia i Adam Kocol, Maria Chojnowska &Wladyslawa Rogozinska, United Import Export Wesley Zolotowski.